Pulsating Heatpipe for Micro-Gravity Application

Heatpipe system lavet i samarbejde med European Space Agenzy (ESA)

THE DESIGN CHALLENGE The European Space Agency partnered with Aavid’s European Design Engineering team for its INWIP project: Innovative Wickless Heat Pipe Systems.
The purpose of the project was to study the behaviour of a Wickless Pulsating Heat Pipe System in micro-gravity conditions. The extreme conditions and complexity of the technology......

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Den senest udviklede Heat-Sink teknologi fra Aavid Thermalloy

High Density Die Casting

HDDC is a process developed by Aavid with its University partners to manufacture near net shape parts with better mechanical and thermal properties compared to die castings. The process is particularly well suited to making high performance heat sinks and liquid cold plates using aluminum alloys with high thermal conductivity. New process controls during solidification enable fine grain structure with near zero porosity.

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