We have a wide selection of Crimp Connectors for FFC, FPC and Cable, Houses for Connectors, PCB Connectors,
Waterproof and Automobile Connectors and many more.

Our product ranges cover 1,27mm, 2,54mm and 5,08 in all the standard series.

2,54mm Integrated Crimp Connector series designed for Flexible Circuits, Membrane Switches, Smart Textile solutions, sensors and more

Crimp Contacts being offered with Tin, Gold or Tin/Gold plating.

Our factory capabilities make it possible for us to customize Connectors, send us your drawing or give us a call to discuss.

If you need a pdf showing all the different options; please send an E-mail on teknik(a)tech-link.dk

Please contact us by either phone +45 44 53 33 11 | e-mail salg(a)tech-link.dk or teknik(a)tech-link.dk